Day 24: Accelerate

Today’s prompt is to use vivid simile with a wry or sarcastic tone, in the tradition of hard-boiled detective novels.

The day’s tasks stack up like what passes for tools
in the toolbox in the kitchen cupboard
above the dish-drying rack:

Three eviscerated, elastic-bandaged Energizer boxes—aged beyond
drum-bunny’s decade (max) of expected life. Hammer noggin
that teeter-totters. Box and instructions for
a no-see-no-touch lost mousetrap.
Infinite cycle of slivered clear
tape. Wrinkled once-white
ribbon. Illegible, crick-
necked mea-

Haste flashes like loose-limbed hammer brain sliding from
the pile. Diving from the cupboard. Precision-
striking a wineglass. Igniting its latent
fireworks. Under crystal rain
we accelerate. At last
we can skip drip-


  1. apoet'svisionKrissy · April 24

    well done!


  2. Romana Iorga · April 24

    A toolbox is a goldmine for poets! You had my attention with the amusing description of daily tasks as “what passes for tools” and I loved the precise, witty enumeration of objects well past their use in the second stanza. The image of a shattering glass in the third stanza, particularly the line “Igniting its latent / fireworks,” is gorgeous.💜🍃


  3. Arti Jain · April 25

    Your piece read like a Pandora’s Box of surprises–your words sprinkle the magic of extraordinary on the mundane. Brilliant Alana.


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